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ASPIE stands for Autistic Skills Providing Independence & Earnings. ASPIE’s purpose is to create a pathway to alleviating the lack of appropriate and productive job opportunities for people with disabilities who have legitimate talent and skills and medium to high functioning capabilities. ASPIE accomplishes this using a specialized internet-based platform for the personally designed and produced/handcrafted products generated by these skilled workers and product producers.

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ASPIE Client Agreement Support Person/Caregiver ChecklistASPIE Right of Review Agreement

If you would like to sign up for our services, please complete the following form (ASPIE Skills/Needs Assessment) as completely as you can. We will follow up to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

ASPIE Skills/Needs Assessment Form

1Product / Craft  

2Description of Product/Craft

3How did you become involved in making this (go back as long as you need to, even to childhood days, if appropriate)?
Be as detailed as you need to be.

4Example of product (photographcs, CD, DVD, sample)

5a Do you have a support person who could help guarantee production and delivery of products by a specific date?
Yes No 

5b If your answer to the previous question was "Yes", explain your relationship to this person and how this support person helps you.

5c How often do you see your support person?

5d If your answer to 5a was “No,” would you consider finding someone who could support you in this way?
Yes No 

5e Alternatively, are you capable of meeting deadlines on your own?
Yes No 

5f If your answer to 5e was “Yes,” give an example of how you’ve met deadlines in the past.

6Do you feel comfortable displaying your products on an e-commerce website or in a public setting?
Yes No 

7How do you feel about working with someone who would make suggestions or give ideas about how you might improve or expand your product?

8 Do you have, or can you purchase, enough materials to make your product(s)? Choose "No" if you need financial assistance to purchase materials
Yes No 

9 What are the approximate dimensions and weight of your product(s)?

10a Is it possible that your product’s size, weight or construction pose potential challenges in shipping and warehousing?
Yes No 

10b If your answer to 10a was “Yes”, please provide a description why.

11 Are you receiving Social Security Income?
Yes No 

12 Do you have a Special Needs Trust?
Yes No 

13 Do you have an ABLE Account?

14 Who handles your financial needs or manages your banking arrangements?

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You may submit your 3 documents with this form or send them later to

*Please note, once this has been completed, we will need three documents (linked at the top of this page) from you and your support person in order to provide services:

  • A signed copy of the ASPIE Client Agreement
  • A completed Support Person/Caregiver Checklist
  • A signed copy of the ASPIE Right of Review Agreement